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Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

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  • 1 Unit

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  • 15 Unit Per Month
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Product Description

Sand Making Machine manufactured by us comprises a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, & vibrating screens. It uses large stones for converting them into fine powder, which is later used for construction purposes. This machine is designed having sturdy structure that is capable of bearing high amount of abrasion & wear. It has been equipped with a superior quality motor which ensures its effective performance. This Sand Maker is completely automatic in nature and has user friendly operation with low maintenance requirement. It comprises high quality gear system & bearings that ensures its stable & low vibration performance.

Applications of Sand Making Machine:

1. Construction industry: Sand making machines are extensively used in the construction industry to produce sand and aggregate for concrete production. High-quality artificial sand ensures better workability and durability of concrete structures.

2. Road and infrastructure projects: Sand making machines play a crucial role in road construction and infrastructure development. The manufactured sand can be used as a base material and for surface dressing in roads, bridges, highways, and other transportation projects.

3. Manufactured sand for concrete production: As natural sand becomes scarce, sand making machines are used to produce high-quality manufactured sand as a substitute for natural river sand in concrete production. This reduces the environmental impact of sand mining and preserves river ecosystems.

4. Railway ballast: Sand making machines are used to produce fine aggregates that can be used as railway ballast, which provides stability and support to the tracks.

5. Artificial sand for construction projects: In areas where natural sand is not readily available or costly, sand making machines can create artificial sand for various construction projects like buildings, dams, and airports.

6. Mining industry: Sand making machines are used to crush and shape hard materials like limestone, granite, and basalt for use in the mining industry. The manufactured sand can be used as a raw material for cement production or as aggregate for road construction in mining areas.

7. Quarrying and stone shaping: Sand making machines are employed to shape and size stones obtained from quarries for use in various construction projects and decorative purposes.

8. Sand recycling and waste utilization: Sand making machines can be used in sand recycling systems to process waste sand and turn it into usable sand for construction purposes, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

9. Glass manufacturing: Sand making machines can be used to produce high-purity sand that is essential for glass manufacturing.

10. Foundry industry: The foundry industry uses sand making machines to produce molding sand, which is used to create molds for metal casting processes.


Q. What is a sand making machine?

Ans: A sand making machine, also known as a vertical shaft impact crusher (VSI crusher), is a machine used to crush and shape hard materials to produce artificial sand. It uses a high-speed rotor with wear-resistant tips to throw the material against a crushing chamber, breaking it into fine particles.

Q. How does a sand making machine work?

Ans: The sand making machine works by feeding materials into the crusher's hopper, which then enters the rotor through the central feeding hole. The high-speed rotor throws the materials against a crushing chamber (anvil or rock-lined walls) where they are crushed and shaped into fine particles. The crushed particles are then discharged through the bottom of the machine.

Q. What types of materials can be processed by a sand making machine?

Ans: A sand making machine is capable of processing various hard materials, such as rocks, ores, cement clinker, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, calcite, and more. It is mainly used for producing artificial sand from these materials.

Q. What are the advantages of using artificial sand produced by a sand making machine?

Ans: The advantages of using artificial sand produced by a sand making machine include:

  • Conservation of natural resources: Reduces the need for dredging and mining natural sand from rivers and seabeds.
  • High-quality sand: The sand produced is well-shaped, clean, and free of impurities, making it suitable for various construction applications.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Artificial sand can be produced at a lower cost compared to natural sand.
  • Environmental benefits: Reduces the ecological impact of sand extraction from riverbeds and protects river ecosystems.

Q. Can a sand making machine produce different sizes of sand?

Ans: Yes, sand making machines can produce different sizes of sand by adjusting the rotor speed, the gap between the anvil and the crushing chamber, and the feed rate. This allows for customization according to specific project requirements.

Q. How is the maintenance of a sand making machine?

Ans: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of a sand making machine. Maintenance tasks may include lubrication of bearings, inspection and replacement of wear parts, and cleaning of the machine to prevent material buildup.

Q. Can a sand making machine be used for other applications besides sand production?

Ans: While the primary purpose of a sand making machine is to produce artificial sand, it can also be used for shaping and crushing hard materials for various industrial applications, such as in the mining and construction industries.

Q. What safety measures should be taken while operating a sand making machine?

Ans: Operators should follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. This may include wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), ensuring the machine is properly guarded, and adhering to safe operating practices to prevent accidents and injuries.

Q. What is the expected lifespan of a sand making machine?

Ans: The lifespan of a sand making machine depends on various factors, including the quality of its construction, maintenance practices, and the abrasiveness of the materials being processed. Generally, with proper maintenance, a sand making machine can last for several years.

Q. Where can I find a reliable sand making machine?

Ans: Sand making machines are available through various manufacturers and suppliers. It's essential to do thorough research, read customer reviews, and compare specifications before purchasing to ensure you get a reliable and suitable machine for your needs.
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